Carbon Poker to end Bad Beat Jackpot
Online poker room Carbon Poker as well as the Merge Gaming Network have announced they will now be ending the Bad Beat Jackpot games. the final edition of the Bad Beat Jackpot games is set to have an extra twenty percent for those involved as the end of the option.

The bad beat jackpot games have been available at Carbon Poker for many years and players have earned large prizes, up to over $1 million in one jackpot. The site has now announced they will be stopping the offering after they have analyzed the option. a statement from the online poker room read:

“Once the Jackpot goes off for the last time, the tables will shut down automatically within a few minutes. We will manually reimburse any bad beat jackpot rake paid between the time that the jackpot goes off and when the tables can be shutdown.
The 20 percent that would normally re-seed the next jackpot will be spread among the players instead making this ultimate bad beat jackpot even more lucrative for the players involved now. It is currently over $313,900.”

The site went on to state that the change was decided to make sure a healthier poker room ecology will take place while players are provided better ring game options. the site is hoping the bad beat players will move to the ring games and this will increase the player base at these tables. Carbon Poker went on to thank the bad beat jackpot players.

It will be interesting to see how large the jackpot will grow until it is hit for the last time. Only time will tell how long it will be until the jackpot has been won.

- 2012-08-27

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