Illari Sahamies earns record win at PokerStars
Illari Sahamies is a very successful poker player who has won the largest pot ever recorded at PokerStars. Over the past week, Sahamies was able to earn over $800,000 playing online and in the process he earned the most that anyone has ever won in a single pot at PokerStars.

The poker pro was playing at the $200/$400 pot limit Omaha tables against Andréa’s Torbergsen and another player known as Bernard-bb online. The record hand took place as follows. The flop fell K-3-2 and Bernard-bb checked. Sahamies wagered $4,595 and Torbergsen raised the bet to $18,380. Bernard-bb called and Sahamies raised the bet an additional $13,785.

A 9 of hearts on the turn caused Bernard-bb and Sahamies to check but Torbergsen wagered again, this time at $10,428. Bernard-bb decided to make his move and he check-raised $91,000. Sahamies called the bet.

The river card was a three of hearts and Sahamies decided to go all in with $85,000 and he held A of hearts, King of hearts, six of hearts and a four of clubs. He had a nut flush and he earned $421,826 for the hand. Bernard-bb held A-A-7-2 and Torbergsen’s cards are not known.

The record pot won by Sahamies made his weekly earnings add up to over $800,000 and he was the largest overall winner for the week. Since July, Sahamies has been on a role and is currently up over $1.5 million dollars.

It will be interesting to see if the poker pro will be able to stay on track and continue to win in record amounts or if he may see a downswing again and someone else will take his place as the big winner.

- 2011-09-13

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