Poker Room Could Lose License Due to Hiding Earnings
Every business across the globe is subject to rules and regulations that they must follow. Not following the rules can result in losing the business or having potential legal problems. The Casino M8trix is a gambling facility in San Jose that offers poker facilities and may end up losing their license due to breaking the rules.

The casino is accused of hiding the profits they have earned in the hopes of reducing the amount of income reported. This is not how a business works and has gotten the poker room in a little hot water. On May 2nd, the an accusation was filed and the California Gaming Control Commission will convene to decide if the gambling license for the Casino M8trix or if the casino will no longer be able to operate.

It has not been released as to how much the casino kept a secret from the gaming regulators but it was apparently enough to see the potential of the casino being shut down. The Attorney for the City of San Jose stated that it appears as though the facility will have losing the license on the table.

The Casino M8trix offers 49 tables for poker gaming and this is not the first time the company has been in trouble with the law. Just a few months ago a lawsuit filed by the poker room was closed. The casino accused the city of having a long history of conduct against the facility that was unreasonable, harassing and malicious.

It will be interesting to see if the poker room will be able to maintain their license or if they will be subject to closing down and no longer being able to operate unless placed under new ownership. The determination will be made in the near future.

- 2014-05-23

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