Two Years After Poker Bust and Still Fighting
Almost two years after their poker game was broken up by Mount Pleasant Police some of the more vocal members in the group still haven't had their cases resolved.

One of the players is unhappy about the delay because the town's officials don't want to cause waves with a jury trial but the player wants to defend the game of poker against what he calls South Carolina's outdated anti gambling laws.

The unofficial spokesman for the group, Bob Chimento said, "Mount Pleasant, they don't want to be the stepping stone into changing this". However the Town Attorney Ira Grossman says that the delay is not out of the ordinary.

Almost two thirds of the players that got ticketed that night have been dealt with in municipal court pleas, according to Grossman prosecutions can take time especially when the defendants don't have lawyers. Out of the cases that have made it through the court docket some had to pay gambling ticket fines some as low as $100 dollars.

- 2008-03-10

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